Music Makers at the Keyboard – Non Conventional Piano Method 4-10 years old


  Music Makers At The Keyboard

Welcome to Music Makers at the Keyboard!  In our classes, students will develop skills needed to begin a successful musical journey toward piano playing and musicianship. Musikgarten makes playing the piano comfortable and inviting.

This method features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for piano playing success. The program features an aural approach to music learning, building on songs children have come to love. This provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire.

Students are challenged to play the song repertoire, develop proper technique, improve their aural skills, learn to compose and improvise, and learn to be fluent music readers. In developing comprehensive musicianship at the keyboard, the children are building self discipline and cooperation, learning to multi-track and concentrate.

Children who completed Music Makers: At the Keyboard not only possess a strong desire to make music, they have the aural and keyboard skills that will enable them to do so.  It prepares children for future piano study, as well as whatever musical adventures the future holds!


Points of distinction:

  • Emphasis on the Ear  – children best learn to read music when building on a strong foundation of listening skills and aural awareness.
  • The Curriculum  – Favorite songs are revisited at the keyboard/piano– building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed while making successful learning easier.
  • Family Involvement  – With Musikgarten, you will continue to enjoy music with your children at home. Parents play a vital role in establishing good practice habits at home; this process is facilitated with two excellent CDs for each level, together with games and ideas shared with parents in the final section of each lesson.



Class Duration and Tuition Fees:

Private Lessons Monthly Plan:

  • 30 minutes lesson –  $30.00 per session (weekly sessions,monthly commitment, fees payable in advance due on the 1st lesson of each month)
  • 45 minutes lesson – $40.00 per session (weekly sessions,monthly commitment, fees payable in advance due on the 1st lesson of each month)
  • 60 minutes lesson – $50.00 per session. ( weekly sessions,monthly commitment,  payable in advance due on the 1st of lesson each month)

Please note that children ages 4-6 and 6-9 will be in different class. 

Semi Private (Piano Partners):

  • $40 for 60-75 minutes sessions. (2 students per class) (monthly commitment, payable monthly, due on the 1st week of the month)

Group Class:

  • $30.00 for 60-75 minutes(minimum 3 students) (monthly commitment, payable monthly, due on the 1st week of the month)



  • Registration fee – $20.00 yearly
  • If you have to miss lessons, please inform the teacher at least 24 hours earlier, to arrange for a make-up session.

Student’s Material:

  • 2 CD recordings (Practice CD and Listening CD) or Music Downloads
  • Student Book with music notation games
  • Parent Guidebook
  • Year 1 Material Fees: $80.00 inclusive of shipping. Year 2 and 3: $70.00 (2 CDs and Student Book)
  • Additional Sibling Student Book with music notation games $30.00 inclusive of shipping.


Optional Materials For  4-6 years old:

  • Music Makers Around the World Combo Pack –  2 CDs, 2 Posters (15″ x 10″), 8 Song Pages, 6 Notation Games in 2 Sturdy Folders   = $72.00 (Inclusive of shipping and CA Sales Tax)






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